• Brainflash develops innovative technologies to reduce and prevent paint mist in paint shops of any size and standards.

  • RELAC® - high effective recycling system for wet surface materials

  • edrizzi® – The Original Paint Mist Separator System. Made in Austria..

  • ULF® self-cleaning and circulating filter technology

ULF® self cleaning circulation

ULF is the acronym for Circulating filter technology (in German) and this circulating, self-cleaning filter has been used since several years in the painting industry. This economic spray stand can be used, regardless of the application process, character of the workpiece and paint material in question, by all companies from the small carpentry business to large scale metal processing industries in an environmentally-friendly and efficient manner. Up to 99% efficiency, low filter costs and disposal costs characterise this dry filter system.


General dry filter systems function on the principle of sponges. The filter absorbs the overspray and the filter pores are blocked. Once saturation level is reached, air speed, workpiece quality and working place conditions all drop. Even thick filter mats can only absorb a limited amount of paint overspray.

In contrast, ULF consists of a housing with integrated continuous circulation special filter fleece. A pneumatic cylinder moves the filter belt horizontally behind the workpiece. The paint overspray lies on the surface of the specially developed filter fleece mat without undergoing any chemical bonding. The dried paint overspray is then sucked off at the rear of the system in the cleaning area. Air speed and working place conditions remain absolutely constant. The reclaimed powder is collected in a container and can be disposed off easily. Filter lifetimes of up to a year, depending on the paint material used, have been proven in practice.

Application Areas

The flexibility of this technology sets no limits on possibilities. The application spectrum ranges from simple hand spraying stands to powerful under-floor models to automated painting lines. The ULF concept is modular in design and can therefore be supplied with any length required and in two different heights. ULF can process various paints, however your paint should first be tested for ULF applications in our in-house technical centre.


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ULF is not a rigid machine, but a flexible technical concept that can adapt to individual conditions. This technology can be efficiently implemented starting from a minimum paint consumption of 5 litres per day. ULF is therefore also ideal for small businesses that wish to paint in an economic and environmentally-friendly way.


  • Efficiency: Less filter material, no paint sludge, no highly-toxic coagulation media, no contaminated water and clean exhaust air
  • Cost savings: Minimised disposal costs, filter costs and high working economy
  • Quality improvement: Improved surface quality due to uniform painting room conditions
  • Flexibility: Rapid colour changing, modular structure, connection to any existing painting system possible



edrizzi® and ULF

The combination of edrizzi® with ULF yields a highly effective painting concept with up to 99 % separation for fast-drying surface materials. Secondary filtration service lifetimes up to one year are achieved with this version. The system consists of a housing made of galvanized steel sheet with an edrizzi® Vario paint mist separator and an extraction box, a continuously circulating filter fleece, the drive system and an extraction unit. The edrizzi® Vario boxes are the first filter stage and separate out the majority of the paint mist. The circulating filter fleece behind it is used for secondary filtration. It traps the remaining fine dust particles and transports them continuously to the cleaning zone. A self-cleaning dust collector, which serves as a cleaning station, has been developed by the edrizzi® technical centre. This is where the dried paint material extracted in dry condition and cleanly is collected in a 200 litre tank. In this way, the circulating filter remains absorbent continuously. The air is extracted in the same way as in conventional spray booths with the help of extraction fans. edrizzi® and ULF can be installed either horizontally or vertically just like all separator systems from the house of edrizziR. Retrofitting in existing plants is easy and cost-effective. The edrizzi® and ULF system is one of the cleanest solutions for all areas of application in the painting industry – from simple manual spraying booths to powerful underfloor versions and right up to the edrizzi® and ULF system as an integral part of automated painting lines.