• Brainflash develops innovative technologies to reduce and prevent paint mist in paint shops of any size and standards.

  • RELAC® - high effective recycling system for wet surface materials

  • edrizzi® – The Original Paint Mist Separator System. Made in Austria..

  • ULF® self-cleaning and circulating filter technology


Small project-orientated and flexible teams, consisting of internal employees with long-term experience and external experts such as universities, patent lawyers, marketing experts and external technicians, all work on a great variety of projects:

  • Planning of new systems with integrated Brainflash technology
  • Provision of solution approaches in the sectors of environmental technology and process technology
  • Support and consultancy for customers applying for and acquiring international licence contracts and patents


All new systems are planned and produced specifically for each customer. Planning only starts when we have all the information required from our customers - space requirements, market requirements, parts range and workpiece geometry, paint material and application process, energy resources, exhaust air flow rates, surface quality, corrosion protection, etc. This customer-specific planning means that all our systems can be retro-fitted to existing painting systems. We thoroughly test all applied materials in our in-house technical centre right from the start of planning. Original conditions are simulated here to obtain precise data for the fine tuning of the system design.