• Brainflash develops innovative technologies to reduce and prevent paint mist in paint shops of any size and standards.

  • RELAC® - high effective recycling system for wet surface materials

  • edrizzi® – The Original Paint Mist Separator System. Made in Austria..

  • ULF® self-cleaning and circulating filter technology

RELAC® paint recycling system

This paint recycling system was the first really effective system to come onto the market in 1992 in the wet paint sector. Still a milestone today in surface technology. The reliability and efficiency of this patented system is still without competition today. The efficiency level of over 90% drastically reduces paint and solvent consumption. Expensive disposal of highly toxic special waste is not required. Recycled paint can be reused. It sounds simple, but it is highly sophisticated in design and a masterpiece of mechanical engineering in terms of technical production. A pure original.


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A continuous conveyor belt is moved past behind the workpiece over several deflecting rollers. This belt catches the entire overspray continuously. Deflector blades strip the trapped paint off the belt at the back of the system. More than 90% of the overspray is directly reclaimed. Viscosity adjustment and addition of volatile paint components can be implemented during the recycling process. The reclaimed material is filtered and blended with new paint or returned directly to the coating process. Colour changing during the painting process and belt cleaning after the painting process are also implemented automatically. The RELAC® system is integrated in a closed cabin system. Belt widths of up to 2 m and system heights of up to 4 m are technically feasible. A dry separation system is used to clean the exhaust air in the cabins. This system can be, depending on the application, either an ULF or edrizzi® system.

Application Areas

RELAC® works with all conventional application processes: Manual, robotic or lifting structure applications with airless or airmix spraying processes, atomisation with high-speed rotation systems and electrostatic coating systems. RELAC® recycles all solvent and water-based paint and coating materials with appropriate drip times, e.g.: dispersions, single and two component paints, UV paint systems, enamel paints, pickling agents, waxes, oils, preservatives and adhesives.


The RELAC® painting cabin concept amazes just about everyone who sees it in operation the first time. Its particular strengths include:

  • Efficiency: Over 90% of overspray is directly reclaimed and can be reused
  • Cost savings: Reduction of painting material consumption, solvent consumption and disposal costs
  • Quality improvement: No spray mist, no drips, improved painting conditions
  • Variability: Simple maintenance and operation, rapid colour changing and cleaning cycles, perfect ergonomics and operational economy, connection to any system possible